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    Home improvement industry new thinking: parsing an outfit industry ten big development trend in the future

    Release time:2016-01-14 11:28:39   Page view:4026

    Since the second half of 2014, China's domestic outfit industry has never been a lively, like europeans discovered the American continent, various established capitalist powers, on the size of warships, to advance to the quarterfinals. As if overnight industry enterprise under the traditional home outfit, every household in the performing the "Wolf" story. Capital of all stripes in doing the same dream, everyone in the industry $4 trillion a year market capacity, leverage is 1% annual sales of billions of big enterprises. The Internet age, the home installs the development trend of industry in the future there will be how?

    1. Go to the middle become inevitable

    Whether "disintermediated" or "to the middle" is a cliche, but have to admit that the Internet has made information more transparent, more symmetrical this is the inevitable trend of supply and demand for information. This will squeeze the interests of the intermediary space, so users will be more affordable products and services. Domestic outfit enterprise internal and external intermediary will be less and less and even disappear. Designer, project manager will be no kickbacks to eat, a large number of dealers will out.
    Decoration industry is low attention industry, domestic outfit and low frequency time, serious information asymmetry of consumer behavior, consumers have no concept in domestic outfit, on the material, process, schedule, cost, difficult to understand, often turn to decorate a company or designer, foreman, such as role, often exist between layers of premium or to take kickbacks, and benefit for each actually earned a chain shouldn't earn money, also not doing their job. In the great age of the Internet under the background of this phenomenon will be reversed. Internal decoration, for example, enterprises can through information technology and organization optimization of phased out similar "project manager" role of an intermediary, domestic outfit building materials in the channel "to" middle F2C, from the factory to the consumer is inevitable.
    Is the nature of electricity sales, layers of scalping channels is not to use up, the home installs the rise of electricity to the middle tier "distribution" business has become more and more difficult. To completely solve the problem, of course, to solve the problem of "the last kilometer" service, rely on the design of the channel, because traditional home outfit, logistics, installation, repair return, can only achieve to completely solve the middle, the core problem is to account "high cost how to decompose by mass production". Of course, in the eyes of dealers and manufacturers, domestic outfit enterprise is also a "middleman", whose life, so who leather or break the pattern of industry establish a "new home outfit ecosystem" it also need time to test and verify.

    2. Green home is a big trend

    Chai jing "dome" let a renewed focus on environment, however, indoor environment pollution in fact than outdoor environment pollution is serious, because of the skin without hair stand ". The mountains in the years with the help of the media called for "China's domestic outfit environmental problems than China's food safety problem more serious!" . Decorate in recent years, the emergence of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, radiation and other environmental protection paint, cause abortion, environmental problem such as cancer, leukemia, to stimulate consumers increasingly nervous, who need to environmental protection, comfortable, healthy livable home.
    Is green and sustainable development of the industry have a foothold, from decorate a design, the design can no longer blindly pursuit of luxury, piled up are actually "cumulative pollution". The environment has been seriously polluted, people pursuit of environmental health, small environment, more and more comfortable and livable, pursuit of human nature, return to nature.

    3. Home decoration industry "scaling mulatto world"

    From industry development direction, the industry must be intensive and large-scale development, can copy is necessary, domestic outfit enterprise can only be replicable standardization, simply said: "if you want to become a KFC, you have to take a chicken leg to fry for 1 minute 08 seconds it standardized, the next step to copy, will it be possible for future scale development". Starting from home decoration industry by using standardized module, improve the efficiency of decoration construction, reduce the pollution of the environment on the scene, reduce the cost of decoration construction. As building blocks to build a house, like making cars do standardized modular decorate, will be a trend.

    The standardization of construction will not be big problem. Formulate construction technology and method of standard and control process, will better ensure the engineering quality and progress.

    Can decorate a design standardization? Users like is personalized, it seems less likely, standardization, however there are operational. In theory, can be big data via the Internet computing analysis of the main potential users in different levels of people, designed to meet 80% of user preferences design related products, and standardize production, 20% for individual needs, can also be understood as "light is repaired, heavy adornment" or "standardised products, personalized combination".

    The next volume of fine decoration industry, is also need to drive the standardization, Europe and the United States and other countries have in "residential refined decoration industry standardization" with can be drawn lessons from successful experience.

    4. The fine decoration of the housing industry standardization

    "Residential refined decoration industry standardization" refers to the design of building, considering the matching of the standardized and unified, this includes: standardized design, standardized materials, standardization construction, standardized products.

    Leading developed countries on the housing industry standardization has 20 years of China, standardization in Germany kitchen cabinet put oneself in another's position is monomer type, cabinet put oneself in another's specifications are the 1.5 meters or the 1 m 2 m, because when the building is designed and built the length of the kitchen on standardized, and the ambry of China is the "tailored" caused a lot of waste of resources; Again, for example: when the door of the Japanese in the industrialized production is 2 m * 0.75 m standard, also in housing construction, the construction is to standardize.

    China's energy consumption power, the country has been advocating energy-saving society, architectural decoration industry should become the mainstream of energy saving and emission reduction. By standardizing development can save material production enterprise production cost, logistics costs, construction costs, reduce the loss of material in construction and so on many merits. Constantly enlarge the amount of fine decoration areas, residential environment asks is ceaseless upgrade, decorate tend to be more rational consumption, "low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction" is the current human consensus problem, will cover all social units and social activities. The resulting "residential fine decoration industry standardization", it will be advocated by the country, leading enterprises, factory decoration companies and developers to industry standards to be formulated by the competent department, eventually passed legislation the wide application of the whole society.

    5. High-end private custom design is still a key

    Customer wants good home outfit design, good design is actually difficult to set standards, as everybody likes the color of each have differences, to put it bluntly to prick silk customers don't want to like your home to my home, so home improvement to meet customers personalized, absolute individuation to pay the corresponding cost, understand every consumers. Consumers to the pursuit of personality, the pursuit of unique differences of on-demand customization is a feature of the decoration industry. Customization and standardization is the unity of opposites, a large number of personalized needs of common elements, can be standardized. Standardization can also to exclusive of a class or a group of people (with personality) standardization.

    Home decoration industry in the Internet tuyere trend must be based on the consumer as the center, C2B, C2F model can better improve user satisfaction and word of mouth, the key is the enterprise backend seamless link through the supplier side, need information and the double drive of construction supply chain. Future high-end home decoration company is designed to drive, after the contest is product research and development capabilities and the ability of supply chain, is through the logistics, information flow and cash flow of the contest.

    6. O2O unstoppable

    O2O also is a kind of trend, it is based on network platform and set under the big data integration and experience, it must bring business model and business model and profit model change.

    After nearly a decade of development, domestic outfit offline business development mature, so read online is one of the biggest industry in the future home outfit, the new technology will be continuously applied to home improvement industry, in order to improve the user experience. Tools, such as the APP will increase customer online interactive experience, decoration companies will pay more attention to the customer's reputation and the consumer experience, moreover enterprise ERP information construction to optimize business processes, strengthen quality control, cost control, progress control in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the user experience.
    Future, design becomes more making a fool of, the project management will be more sophisticated, many domestic outfit project management system based on BIM technology, for example, 360 - degree between example, enter type holographic imaging techniques such as 3 d virtual technology will also be in domestic outfit design, marketing, construction process and to obtain the very good application in the process of maintenance.

    Of course all companies want to solve the problem of "the last kilometer", under the wave of the future O2O, specifications, standards, trial and error, the collapse of agitation, and so on will ensue.

    7. The Internet free big dinner more and more of an outfit

    Want to fly in tuyere of domestic outfit enterprise, almost all in the standard of free, free room, free design, even free decoration. Customers will be more affordable to decorate service.

    Free play is easy to implement, but the key is how to stick to the user free, how in the value-added services to earn money, because the company's mission is to make a profit.

    The wool in pigs, with a few swine is possible:

    A. hard outfit, main ingredient, soft outfit and equipment. One of a zero profit, then redefine profit structure;
    B. low standard design for free, high-end custom design fees;
    C. optimize organization structure to the project manager and other intermediary, profit allocation again among them, one or several free;
    D. to the technology instead of the low cost of manpower management, a pig;
    E. optimizing supply chain channels, distributors will disappear and a pig;
    F. other additional services, technology, patent income class
    G. master data, get industry entrance to realize cross-border sales
    H. Internet finance, earn cash flow value

    8. Intelligent household is necessarily inevitable

    Intelligent household will become a necessary tool of the lazy. 2015 will be the year of intelligent household power, this niche will also become the new profit growth point. The mansion wanan intelligent acquisition of shares, sets up the construction decoration industry wide field shares will first wenbo smart home experience hall, research and development of green home "whole house purification intelligence module", haier household intelligent household cooperation system platform become apple the only domestic enterprises, intelligent household agitation menacing.

    The concept of smart home that should not be merely household, should be building more. Although smart home's influence on the industry is not very obvious, but cut into the field of smart home is still the inevitable for decoration enterprise. Housing data show that China's existing building area of more than 400 square meters, with an annual increase of the gross area is approximately 2 billion square meters, and accounts for the proportion of new buildings, intelligent buildings is 70% in the United States, Japan was 60%, while China is still less than thirty percent (2012 data), industry future development space is huge.

    Although the market is huge, but smart entry is an outfit, and domestic outfit entrance is a design, design is all domestic outfit company can grasp, the key is who you want to cooperation with the problem.

    9. Focus differentiation characteristics of severe vertical

    Home improvement industry reshuffle began 2015, let us feel the breath of home appliance industry reshuffle. Integration with the industry reshuffle is inevitable topic in the next five years, every industry and every market segmentation location up to 3-5 brands can survive, the cruel reality in the past the feeling is very far away, now in to speed up the pace. Can do "word of mouth like millet sample acme fast" the professional ability of enterprises, can provide customers with more cost-effective products, reliable quality, high quality design, real enterprise wins the trust of customers, to live better, live longer. Domestic outfit enterprise subdivides market, transformation of the company. Design, construction, professional installation, supervision inspection. Market segmentation is serious, the competitive landscape flowers outside.

    10. To complete the transformation of traditional home outfit Internet architecture design and operating rules

    Transformation rules of the game should be understood, the traditional architecture of the enterprise is completely different with the Internet enterprise, to understand the enterprise architecture design, system function development extension structure, platform, the overall system architecture construction planning, technology development function module design, platform service business to build the model to the ground, platform development strategic business model building, background technical system framework design, the front desk system frame design, platform development authentication frame design, platform distributed deployment of balanced load design, customer service Center Calling - Center building, payment platform, interface development, platform system development involves the technical language, shopping cart, and all kinds of process design, and even platform system development process documentation and so on.

    Electric business development localization, operation mode, clear objectives, its economic and social benefits, eventually want to rely on operations. Website aims to promote efficiency of site service to users, including website content updates maintenance, website, process optimization, data mining analysis, user management, website marketing planning, etc., website operation commonly used indicators: PV, IP, registered users, online users, subscribers, online time, purchase frequency, ARPU value, etc., are to complete the transformation of traditional home outfit Internet architecture design and operating rules.

    (content from the Chinese real estate supermarket network)

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